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Kirt Kimbrell

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Guitarist for Poor Man's Fame I started playing guitar at age 6 left handed it was so hard to find anyone to teach a left handed person guitar lessons so after a year I quit and started playing the drums I played drums. But by age 15 was drawn back to the guitar this time without thinking about it I picked it up right handed I taught myself all the popular songs and began learning many styles. After Dead Farm went on break some of the other members and I had my wife come sing with us we decided to go the Alternative Metal route so we could have a singer everyone could understand and yet still drive you with the music. Poor Man's Fame is still in early stages creating our style we are bringing heavier music back a little more as each song is written. So look forward to our growth and development. In September of 2012 I was a guest guitarist at The Paul Reed Smith Experience 2012 I went to the factory in Maryland and played and recorded in PRS studios with a well known producer and was able to meet with the Owner and creator of PRS Guitars. Equipment (Live Rig) PRS SE Torero Guitars Bugera Amps Line 6 Amps Boss Pedals Dunlop Pedals Hartke Guitar Cabs Equipment (Studio) PRS SE Torero Guitars Blackheart 5 watt Tube amp Blackheart 1x12 Cab Tube Overdrive pedal Equipment I Endorse but am not endorsed by PRS Guitars PRS Amps PRS Cabs Kick Ass Cables DiMarzio 2" Nylon ClipLock Guitar Straps Dunlop Picks MXR Fullbore Metal Pedal M116 Ibane Demon Weeping Demon wah Boss Me 25 Orange Amps Mes Boogie Amps

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