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  • On Not Only Street Records
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Jackson, MS
Hip Hop

The group has performed at the following locations in Jackson Mississippi: Club Pluto and Club Rain. Listen for their music on local radio Jackson stations 99 Jams, 93.4 FM Bad and Television Jack Town rap Channel 69.

TBF MoneyGang - Mississippi's Newest Upcoming Hip Hop You Can Dance To!!!

The TBF MoneyGang consisting of three members Dread Head Marley, Bang B and B Swissa have inspired to make a career in the entertainment industry for quite some time now.

Signing with dB Heard and Not Only Street Records have been established to make a guaranteed success in the approach to new music opportunities world wide.

Starting up in the Jackson Mississippi area the gang Brandon Johnson, Morris Leach and Chris West has become local celebrities and recently gotten back from Panama City, Fl and ATL doing various performances and recording music with industry affiliates


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