Band Management Tools

Manage Your Schedule

We know how difficult it can be to always know when your band is available, when to schedule practices, and how to keep track of your gigs. That's why we built a calendar that allows every member of your band to update your Band Calendar quickly. There is no easier and more efficient way to keep you all on track.

Calendar Image

Each member of your band can easily update your your band schedule.

Messages Image

Use messages to make connections with musicians and bands.

Send Messages

It can be hard to know how to reach out to bands, musicians, and venues that you want to connect with. We let you send private messages to anyone with a Bandbook account. It is the perfect way to make vital band connections that will help you become stars.

Track your Expenses

Managing money sucks. Nobody likes doing it, especially when it is so hard to come by! We make it painless by allowing your whole band to see how much you are spending and how much you are making. Even if all you are "making" is free drinks (and you're spending them that same night).

Finances Image

Easily track the money coming in and the money going out.