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Akron, OH

Whilst sailing the seas of audio-waves; Singer, Cody Skeen, captain and pirate rapscallion, leads the crew. First mate and gunslinger, Matt Skeen, keeps a guitar slung over shoulder; ready to shred attacks. Drummer debonaire, Dave Dankovich, shifts gears on his drum-set. The bass-drum transforms into a cannon! "There!" Cody points to the shoreline. Where a ninja named Dean Seifert, stands in the sand with a bass guitar, its fret-board bladed like a katana. The battle begins! Cannonballs blast in by drumbeats- The ninja dodges and hops across the tops of blasting shots. Then, the pirate ship breaks upon land. Sparks shatter time as bassword and guitar-blades collide-! The gunslinger unleashes a guitar solo in a trilling instant, and strikes the soul of the bassist. Soon after, (with much profanity surpassing sound-barrier..) The ninja falls dead. A moment passes as guitarists rift a riff in voodoo rhythmics, to honor the fallen warrior, and cast a spell. Then, the ninja's fingers twitch. He rises; now a zombie possessed by the music. The captain, victorious!, cackles and sings. The first mate agrees, and shreds guitar while pirating seas. The bassist is weightless and in harmony. Drummer is ready to light the fuse and unleash beats that liven the cruise. Boom. Cannonball through your speaker. -- We were once apart, then we met. Now we are Zero.Set.Memory.


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