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Camelia Latinjazz Band

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Somerville, MA

The "Camelia Latinjazz Band" can be best described as: Latin rhythms with jazz solos, and is a Boston-based group, but always willing to travel. The group has added jazz improvisation not only to the salsa rhythm (which is more common), but also to the merengue, cumbia, bachata and bolero, creating this way what could be best called: salsajazz, merenguejazz, cumbiajazz, bachatajazz and bolerojazz. Please go to and to listen to and watch live samples of the trio, quartet, quintet and sextet, to determine whether this music would be appropriate for your needs. It probably is, since the music can go both ways: it can be as mellow or as lively as needed or wanted. For a more mellow music, the bolerojazz and bachatajazz are emphasized, while for a more lively type the concentration is on the salsajazz and merenguejazz. (The website and Youtube page has live demonstrations of each style and each size of the group.) For background music the trio is favored while the 6-piece is usually used for festivals and concerts. The group purposely created its demos from "live recordings" (meaning: recordings done without computerized corrections), with all the background chats, noises and imperfections of a live performance, so you get to experience the group in a real "live" setting: what you hear is what you'll get. The repertoire consists of both Latin and American cover tunes, but the Latin flavor has been added to the American ones also, to keep them within the latin-jazz style and to make them more interesting and special. The instrumentation of the trio consists of: spanish-electric guitar, keyboard (who also does the bass) and hand percussion. And for larger ensembles more percussion and a separate bass are added. (For festivals and concerts, the 6-piece version is preferred: guitar, keyboard, bass and 3 Latin percussions.) The bandleader Roderick Camelia is a full time musician, a Berklee graduate and the leadguitar player of the group. As a naitive of CuraƧao he's well versed in all the popular Latin and Caribbean styles. You can reach him by email at and by phone at 617-729-0289.


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