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Charlotte, NC

We started as a cover band in late 2010. In 2011 we made a promo cd with our versions of songs we played so we could book shows. After a few months of our songs being on MySpace we were contacted by a label scout and asked about writing our own material. In spring of 2012 we went to Atlanta and recorded our first original "All or Nothing" with producer Alex Rexroat Universal Recording Company / Pendlewood Studios. That single landed us a 2 year record deal with private label Public Records / Medical Records. The single also grabbed the attention of other major labels as well as some veteran musicians that inquired about doing some collaborations. However, we decided to go with the private label. A few weeks into our signing trouble stuck us, we had to find a new drummer. Months went by as we searched and played with different drummers and in the spring of 2013, we went back to finish recording our debut album, a friend lent us hit drumming skills. After recording the debut album that drummer became a member of the band. Our debut album is due out October 2013 preceded by a video for our first single “Narcissistic” off the debut album "Tell The Story".


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