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St.Louis, MO

Stories Unfold first formed as a unit in January 2010 when Andy Weiss’ driving acoustic guitar and striking electric guitar met Brent Eggers’ edgy electric guitar and rhythmic acoustic guitar. Soon after their formation, Andy and Brent introduced Josh Agne's strong lead vocals into the mix when he burst onto the scene with “When Will She Be Mine,” the first of many songs that would speak to the hearts of the fans and be relatable to audiences of all ages. The three soon brought on bassist Richard Brown and his funky bass lines that bring out the mids and lows as the band continues to grow creatively. The newest addition to the group is the band’s drummer Kevin Dean Jr. Kevin complements the band with his funk-infused rock beats and well executed bluesy-jazz fills. With a lineup such as this you cannot help but hear and feel the various music artistry influences of the group as the band mates have no trouble making a sound all their own. Stories Unfold is a band that is sure to ignite passion in hearts and sooth the minds of the troubled.


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