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Raffa Cordeiro

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Belo Horizonte, Brazil

RAFFA CORDEIRO was born on February 7, 1987 in Belo Horizonte - Brazil. At 15 he got his first guitar. Today, Raphael Raffa or as it is known, passed by bands of many styles and was enshrined, for example: "Prêmio de Destaque Mineiro 2010" in which he won along with his bandmates as "Melhor Banda de Apoio 2010" country singer Xandy Mello; playing in the most varied and important venues and events of Minas Gerais, and various media appearances: materials for various websites and newspapers devoted between them "Estado de Minas". Raffa also participated in 'Cultural Contests' facing the guitar, for example' Cultural Contest Santo Angelo - 4All Americans', which was among the 16 selected guitarists of the Americas and also participated in the 'Turbo Guitar Contest Cultural Contest' which was featured as 'Menção Honrosa'. Raffa’s discography *CD ao Vivo *Sweet Sinners Live In Lapa 2009 * Bandah Fox 2011 * Bandah Fox 2012 * Bandah Fox 2013 *CD’s Studio * Powerslave Iron Maiden Cover 2009 * Xandy Mello – Nosso Segredo 2010 * Coletânea HardZone – Faixa ‘Rock N’ Roll Tonight – Sweet Sinners’ 2010 * Coletânea HardZone – Faixa ‘Wanted – Wanted’ 2010 * Powerslave Iron Maiden Cover 2011 * Straight Flush Band 2011 * Locomotive Guns N’ Roses Tributo 2011 * Wanted – Classics 2011 * Wanted In The Vice City 2012 * Los Santamanos - 2014 * Rebel Rock – Rebel Rock 2014 * Rebel Rock – No Limits 2014 * Singles * ’Anyone But You – Sweet Sinners’ 2010 * ’Wanted – Wanted’ 2011 * ‘Be Ready – Wanted’ 2011 * ‘Turbo – Wanted’ 2011 * ‘Wasted Bullets – Rebel Rock’ (será lançado na primeira quinzena de novembro 2014) *Vídeo Clipes (serão lançados mensalmente a partir da primeira quinzena de novembro/2014) * ‘Wasted Bullets – Rebel Rock’ * ‘Roads Of Heaven- Rebel Rock’ * ‘Fiddle While Rome Burns – Rebel Rock’ * ‘House Of Women – Rebel Rock’ *DVD’s * Sweet Sinners – Live In Lapa 2009 * Sweet Sinners – Live At Hard Rock Café 2010 * Bandah Fox - 2011 * Bandah Fox – 2012 * Wanted – Live In Campo Belo 2012 * Bandah Fox – 2013 At 15 years of age under the influence of some family, grandfather (Josue Cordeiro), his Great-grandmother (Maria do Carmo), and father (Roberto Ladislau)'s, who won the first guitar and soon after his first eletric guitar. Since then follows as a self-taught musician. His contact with bands from the 16/17 began when he started playing shows in Meetings Bikers throughout Minas Gerais and other cities, with the band Powerslave (Iron Maiden Cover). Later, along with some friends, was a founder of the Hard Rock band Sweet Sinners which was a traditional band in the 'Underground Circuit of Belo Horizonte' band with original compositions and covers, launched her 1st EP - Live in Lapa, 1 Single 'Anyone But You', participated with a song on the CD Compilation Mining bands HardZone, a. After several shows and major festivals (including opening for Dr. Sin, Virgins bands, "Dia Mundial do Rock Lapa Multishow", "JF Rock City", "Brazilian Rock Festival", "Tribute Guns n 'Roses Hard Rock Café "as Headline, among other events). Furthermore, it was several times as reference video on youtube channel, being nominated for a site in Poland, USA, New Zealand and other countries with their videos. Yet went on to win medal for the most watched videos youtube channel. He also worked as a musician fixed support of the singer Ada Ribeiro, backwoods singer famous for participating in Raul Gil program framework "Jovens Talentos", today Ada Ribeiro does support voice with renowned singer countryman Gusttavo Lima. Also worked with the country singer Xandy Mello where was Musical Director, with which released the EP "Nosso Segredo" and won the Award ‘ Destaque Mineiro - Melhor Banda de Apoio de 2010’ Other than that, has played as freelancer with various artists and bands musician and can cite several ‘Bandas de Baile’ in the state capital (GR3, Apple Sound, San Remo, BandahFox etc. ..), and multiple double ‘sertanejos’ artists (Mauritius & Abdala, Dan Lopes and Gustavo, Ada Ribeiro, Xandy Mello, etc. ..), also played with a band called Forró, Forró Sandália de Prata, which toured the north and northeast. Another highly regarded artist is singer Paula Seven, singer who participated in various tables television, among them Máquina da Fama, Jovens Talentos, Astros, Programa Raul Gil ‘Cante Comigo’, Programa do Ratinho ’10 ou 1000’, among others. Also, has done background vocals for the band Bruno Sutter (Detonator - Massacration), in addition to opening international events such as Blaze Bayley (ex-Iron Maiden), Paul Di'Anno (ex-Iron Maiden), Sabaton, Lizzy DeVine (Vains of Jenna Former), Reverse Grip, and others. Has passed through the bands Wanted, traditional hard rock band from Belo Horizonte / MG famous for festivals / events involved always calling public attention from some events we mention "Abril É Rock" held in Campo Belo / MG, "HardZone Festival II and III ", where he participated along with greats like Brazilian scenario Pleasure Maker; Voodoo Shyne; Bastardz; Dr. Sin; Tuatha de Danann; addition to participating in events in Rio de Janeiro / RJ and the festival "JF Rock City", in Juiz de Fora / MG, among other great festivals. The band released 3 Singles (Wanted, Turbo & Be Ready) after released their double CD - "Wanted In Vice City." Locomotive - Guns N 'Roses Tribute band created in honor of the most famous hard rock band 80 Guns N' Roses. In his few months attended large gatherings of bikers. May quote, "Pain MotoFest" is headlining the event which was held in Dores do Indaiá/MG and "Bye Bye 1 - BH 2 Rodas" conducted by the Federação Mineira de MotoClubes (FMMC) and Union of motorcycle clubs also began to perform at the "Circuito do Rock" venues like Jack Rock Bar, Circus and Lord Pub; Route 85 and Excalibur Pub; Ferro Velho Pub and Brothers Pub. DevilDust, traditional heavy metal band from the state capital, famous for concerts and festivals in which it participates, which replaces guitarist Leandro Martins. 'Los Santamanos' project carried out with great musicians of the mining scenario in order to play great classics of style 'Pop Latino'. 'Rebel Rock' band Pop / Rock / Hard Rock directed and produced by Raffa Cordeiro, with the main focus of copyright music, will be launching in November 2014 its first CD / EP 'No Limits', the material will contain four songs that were mixed by traditional producer Lisciel Franco, moreover, this material will be released from four video clips produced and edited by Thiago Albuquerque (Studio Nafta). 'JTR²' is a project formed by some musician friends in order to keep up with artists of various styles, currently working with some of dance bands and the singer 'Paula Sette'. Besides working with bands, production, consulting and musical recordings, Raffa Cordeiro is also a guitar teacher, guitar, bass, practicing together, music theory, children's music theory and harmony. He teaches as a private teacher and worked for more than four (4) years in a branch of traditional 'BSB MUSICAL' largest network of music schools in Brazil, where Raffa school he graduated in 2012, today has lessons with guitarists 'Eugenio Aramuni' and 'Flavio Versiani' who is specializing in jazz and fusion. Moreover, it has taken a course of 'Improvisação em Música Popular Brasileira', the course is conducted by 'UNIS', with an extension course with the teacher 'Celso Gomes'.

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