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Silent Redemption

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Dubuque, IA

If you've ever been to a Silent Redemption show, you know the power of their new song 'Caught'. Out of the gate this song hits you straight in the chest. With powerful lyrics, intense riffs & killer beats this song will give you everything you want as a listener. You will enjoy the smooth tones & vibes of the laid back verse then it hits your eardrums with a strong & powerful chorus. 'Caught' is a must hear capturing the essence of rock-n-roll perfectly. No mixing genres, no fat to trim, just straight in your face, lean & mean rock. Formed in early 2013, -SR- has always rooted itself in positive messages & high powered shows. -SR- has always strived to provide a personalized show, consistently giving something new to experience. Never failing to find a way to make you feel like part of the family through crowd participation. -SR- has had the privilege of sharing the stage with notable acts such as: Otherwise, Seasons After, Wayland, Tantric, Royal Bliss, Bridge to Grace, Super BOB, Another Lost Year & many more. “We are here because of our amazing fans. Their loyalty & conviction are the reasons we are able to get up there & do what we do, to entertain. It's an experience unequaled, a dream come true & a privilege to step out on that stage. Always cherished.” says Lucas (drummer). -SR- recorded their first EP 'Back to Basics' in the fall of 2013 after releasing numerous singles & remakes throughout the first three years, most notably the hit remake 'Beat It' by Michael Jackson. -SR- released an EP in early 2014 with a ton of positive feedback.“We want to bring rock back to its roots”. Says James (lead vocal & guitar) “Back to the days when it was about positivity & groove, the emotion that over took you when a song came on the radio. You could feel the writer's happiness, pain or sorrow. We, as artists have a responsibility to our fans, friends & family to be the positive influence that leads the next generation & leaves them with those same experiences & emotions. In 2016, -SR- plans to bring a better show & unmatched musical performance. Their first full length album is still in the future, not giving any specifics but that they will be releasing an EP in early 2016. “Our show & live performance is our main concern right now.” Says Greg (bass & backing vocals). “We want to give our fans an unrivaled experience every time they come out. We look at it this way. What do we want to see at a rock concert, what kind of experience do we expect? Then, we want to top that expectation. We are only in the beginning stages & it is quite the undertaking I admit. However, we are up to the challenge & very excited.” -SR- has a ton of talent, stage presence & passion for music. It shows in their stage performance & song writing. I really look forward to seeing what the future holds for this group of guys as well as their growing family of fans. If you haven't heard the new single 'Caught', I suggest you reward your ears with this gem & make your way out to show your support.


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