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Tainted Humanity

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Pretoria, South Africa

Tainted Humanity Home Town: Pretoria, South Africa Genres: Tainted Humanity loves all forms of rock, from Hard rock, to grunge, to classical rock to indie rock.. Grunge and alternative are the most played and written though. Band members: Mathew Cullen- rhythem guitar, lead vocals Mathew Cullen- Lead guitar , lead vocals Geoffrey Piel - bass guitar, backing vocals Yanga Sauli - drums, backing vocals Tainted Humanity gives listeners an explosion of well written and harmonising tones with an amazing melody, a unique sound that will be stuck, playing over and over through your head for hours after you have heard it. with jaw dropping guitar solo's and lyrics that speak to the modern generation, this is what people have been waiting for. Tainted Humanity is a new Band to the Music scene, we are all currently in our final year of school, so next year we hit the real world. We are like brothers to one another and extremely productive, we only have constructive conflict which is the reason for all our songs we have written. we are all top academic achievers and 2 of us compete in sports on an national level (Mathew.C & Yanga.S) so we have balanced lives and we are extremely diverse which is a huge advantage. Tainted Humanity believes in helping the community and the suffering, we donate our time to animal shelters, were we assist in improving the living quarters for the animals by cleaning up for them and we also promote skin cancer awareness and donate to our local skin cancer organization. Our short term goals are to write, record and finish our first album that consists of 10 songs by the end of the year. Our long term goals are to go into tertiary education, to complete our 5 year financial and music degree, perform as many gigs that come our way while in university so we can grow our fan base, then once we have our degree's we will take a year off, to tour our country, as well as one or two states in USA, all depends on our fan base. we are currently not signed to any labels we are available for gigs contact details: email: mobile: +27 79 667 5707


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