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Band on the Run “All the Best of Paul McCartney” - Bio “Band on the Run' is a new show, comprised of seasoned 'Beatles' veterans, featuring Peter Paul Sacco as Paul McCartney, Homer Gutierrez, Chris Holt, and Brad Swiger. The band takes you on a musical journey through the entire career of the world's most famous singer/ songwriter/ musician, much like Sir Paul does in concert today. The 90 minute show is a non-stop ride through hits like 'Magical Mystery Tour', 'Band On The Run', 'Hey Jude', 'Jet' , 'All My Loving' and even some of McCartney's contemporary hits like 'Flaming Pie' and 'Jenny Wren'. We have all played, from Vegas to Liverpool in this band." says Sacco. "We've done just about every kind of Beatles show, in ten different ways, but this show is completely different." With all of the 'Boots & Suits' type of bands out there, 'Band On The Run' takes a more 'musical' approach, focusing on the songs, and not the 'shtick'. "I do maintain the McCartney "persona" during the show, but that's about it. It's pretty much the way you see Paul today, playing with the crowd, remembering the good ole days, and yet still looking forward." Sacco has played with just about every national touring Beatles show out there, in Liverpool, London, Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City and many other entertainment hot spots throughout the world. Brad Swiger (drums, vocals), is well known for his world-class impersonation of 'Ringo Starr', making a name for himself performing six nights a week in full costume (right down to the rings on his fingers) in Beatles shows in places like Atlantic City and Vegas, but you won't be seeing that here. "I'm looking forward to the freedom of doing these songs as 'me' for a change." Swiger says. "I love the fresh approach that McCartney and his current drummer (Abe Laboriel Jr.) take to these timeless classics, and looking forward to performing them in the way, the man himself, sees these songs today." Chris Holt (Keyboards, guitar, bass, vocals) is no stranger to the Beatles business himself, having played with numerous tribute acts already, the multi-instrumental Holt has the esteemed distinction of having played John, Paul, George and Ringo, and on both sides of the Atlantic as well. "I've always had a deep respect for the Beatles music." Holt says, "but that respect was amplified tenfold while playing the Cavern Club in Liverpool, on the same stage that the Beatles did, and even in Studio Two at Abbey Road Studios in London, the very room where most of the Beatles classics were made." Holt adds "As I recorded there, I realized that these are the songs brought me here, and now I'm playing them here too...a total 'full-circle' moment for me, and I knew then, that this was 'more' than just a 'gig'. It's what I was born to do." Homer Gutierrez (guitar, vocals) has a similar view. "It’s no secret that I'm really not a fan of the 'tribute business' or whatever it is, but I am an avid fan of these songs" Gutierrez explains." It seems like everyone is jumping on the Beatles bandwagon these days, with no concern or respect for these songs, or the great songwriters behind them, like somehow a wig or a costume is gonna fool you into believing otherwise." He should know, Gutierrez has been a professional touring musician most of his life, and even owns his own professional recording studio. Although the band features Paul McCartney, Sacco stresses that this is a full-on, concerted and equal effort. "We're a 'group', a 'band' in every sense of the word. I asked these three performers in particular if they wanted to form a 'band'...they were my first choice, because honestly, they are all the absolute 'best' at what they do, and luckily, they said “yes”. We intend to branch out later on, and do full 'Harrison', 'Lennon', and 'Starr' shows as well." Sacco winks and says "There is no end to what we can do, together...with a little luck."


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