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Saint Louis, MO

Releasing a freshly cut EP, The Vondrukes made their debut performance on Saturday, July 31 at the Gramophone in St. Louis, MO. Taking advantage of the yin-yang writing styles of Jeff Griswold and Bob McKee, the album features six high-powered tunes from the two Ten High alums. The band is not short on descriptors for their punk-a-billy fusion. Stable-rock, Silo Swing, Shed-Shred, and Barnyard Blitzkrieg are all acceptable - and apropos - terms for this St. Louis outfit. But just because Joel Schad rolls his slide over steel strings like buttered bacon, doesn't mean The Vondrukes limit their sound to an alt-country landscape. With 3-part harmonies featuring the pipes of Ms. Allison Williamson, hints of 60's acid-pop flair and occasional Latin rhythms, The Vondrukes embrace each other's influences with one foot firmly planted in their provincial roots. (And yes, there's even some finger-tapping and pick slides to cure your Metal appetite!) Drummer Adam Reynolds is as reliable as a Honda Accord, and lead guitarist Jason Kettler's solo in the song "Right You're Wrong" is a highlight of the album, awakening the listener to the fact that The Vondrukes are something special despite the double-entendre title of track 4, "It's Been Done Before". The dynamic energy among the band is evident throughout the album, and The Vondrukes' self-titled vir


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