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Thank you for visiting Inner State Productions. We are located in Springfield, MO, USA. We offer a variety of options for musicians ready to get started with their projects today. Since May of 2006, ISP has produced 200+ instrumentals, demos for 30+ Artists and released nearly 3 full length albums. If you're looking to put something together please feel free to contact us, we would be glad to have you consider us in the future. Find out how Inner State Productions can provide a means to make your vision a reality!

We work with undiscovered artists to help them showcase their amazing talent. We've produced many different genres and blends of music including: indie rock, hip-hop, electronica, alternative, country, r&b, metal, chillout, adult contemporary, industrial, folk and many more. Inner State Productions also promotes independent musicians who receive production services from our company and are serious about making a carrer in the music industry. We would glad to work with any professionals who may be interested in a joint effort with fair agreements. It all started in a 8' x 10' room, Inner State Productions was born. Purely underground, things started out real basic. Though the equipment was low quality and mostly borrowed, we managed to create amazing results. Now with time, devotion, and a little funding, ISP is growing in leaps and bounds. Our first release was "The Midwesterner" album. We recorded it next to a busy interstate, but still were able to express our INNER STATE of mind. This is where the name Inner State Productions came to be known. The dream is still alive today as ISP continues to bring you new original music!

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